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Are you looking for more details to start or take you ahead on your certification journey? Check out the links below that may answer all your questions.

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Choose a CBCA Credential. It will advance your professional career. CBCA Credential helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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Help Center

Are you looking for more details to start or take you ahead on your certification journey? Check out the links below that may answer all your questions.

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Apply for CBCA

Choose a CBCA Credential. It will advance your professional career. CBCA Credential helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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Help Center

Are you looking for more details to start or take you ahead on your certification journey? Check out the links below that may answer all your questions.

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Apply for CBCA

Choose a CBCA Credential. It will advance your professional career. CBCA Credential helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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Business Blockchain

CBCA credentialed Business Blockchain Professionals exhibit proven knowledge and comprehension of all contemporary blockchain concepts, principles, applications and technologies. More importantly, they possess trustworthy skills and perspective for helping organizations implement blockchain strategies, initiatives and programs cutting across vendors, platforms and technologies.

Business Blockchain Professional

Business Blockchain Professional

Fee US $750.00
Fee includes This is a one-time fee covering the CBCA Certifications, Resource box, Certificate & badge + International Shipping.
Fee excludes Local Taxes, custom's duty and other levies in the applicant's country - to be borne by the applicant

Note: This fee may change without notice and does not include the training fee charged by training companies, universities, or institutions who offer exam-preparation training for CBCA certification exams.

Refund requests made within 24 hours of making the payment will be subject to a processing charge of US$ 80. No refunds will be issued for registration cancellation requests made after 24 hours of registration.

CBCA is a standards and credentialing body and is not responsible for training delivery, and neither controls, with any aspect of training/ education. CBCA does not govern, mandate, or control the training/ program fee charge for any CBCA certification by any training company or education provider.

Enter Blockchain with a Bang!

Start your blockchain career by preparing yourself on blockchain’s most comprehensive curriculum and standards yet.

The BBP™ program covers essential concepts of every facet of business blockchains that impact their adoption in companies and also the application and technology development processes of software-makers.

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The Future Belongs to Young Blockchain Professionals

Several industry reports have indicated blockchain needs specially trained and prepared professionals.

Employers and clients today are increasingly seeking out specialists who can help them harness the power of blockchain to enhance their competitiveness, brand and business. Certified blockchain professionals are being elevated to high level roles and are at the forefront of innovation and technology disruption. The BBP™ prepares young talents best for high-value business blockchain jobs.

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Certified Blockchain Engineer Professionals

Source: Analysis of leading national and global surveys, reports and research studies on blockchain jobs, salaries and markets by the CBCA. Includes studies by Markets and Markets, Gartner, PwC , LinkedIn, Statista, IDC. among others.

BBP™: Start-off Sharp!

CBCA credentialed Business Blockchain Professionals prove they are not just the best bets for important entry-level positions; they are actually worthier for positions more senior. The robust UBKF™ standards positions the BBP™ certified professional at par with senior individual contributors in the blockchain industry.

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  • BBP™ certified professionals come with relevant hands-on experience across a range of functions and roles including technology sales; technology support; programming; data analytics; software development; project management among others.
  • They are passionate about mastering business blockchain and want to gain a perspective of how the power of blockchain can be harnessed by organizations.
  • BBP certified professionals are usually highly-aspirational, who want to catch a wave early on and learn to ride it well.

Widest Curriculum Coverage

Critical knowledge-areas split among six knowledge clusters, the BBP™ credential covers all what a blockchain professional needs to know to be able to perform best in the most serious job roles.

BBP Resource Box

BBP applicants, as a part of their exam preparation process, receive the BBP Resource Box – an integrated set of individual learning resources that also serves as the official preparation kit for the BBP certification.

The BBP Resource Box comprises both print and electronic resources that are provided exclusively and complimentary to BBP registrants. The BBP™ curriculum includes knowledge clusters on blockchain concept fundamentals; concept & structure of cryptocurrency; blockchain application fundamentals; leveraging blockchain in business; business blockchain use-cases and managing a business blockchain project.

Resource Box

The Candidacy Tracks

There are three convenient tracks – For students/professionals with different levels of formal education and experience to earn a BBP:

Becoming a Credentialed BBP™ The Roadmap

The roadmap to being a BBP covers six simple steps. Covering these milestones will ensure that your entire Certification process is smooth. Feel free to Contact Us for any further information you may need at any time.

The BBP Certification Process

  • Check Eligibility Requirements

    All CBCA certifications mandate you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to become eligible. The requirements for each CBCA certification is unique, so before proceeding, check if you satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements for the BBP™ Certification, you wish to apply for. It is recommended that you keep this information handy, as it will be required while filling up your online registration application.

  • Fill Online Registration Application

    Once you have satisfied the BBP™ eligibility requirements, it is time to register. Start the registration process by creating your myCBCA account. Before proceeding, check if you Qualifly™ for BBP™ Certification. Qualifly™ essentially relaxes the minimum eligibility requirements, based on your education and work experience. Complete the BBP™ online registration application form. Once you have submitted the online registration application and made a successful payment of the fee, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next steps.

  • Validation

    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the BBP™ Certification.

  • BBP™ Certification Preparation Material

    The BBP™ Resource Box is shipped to the applicant’s registered address after the registration is complete and the fee has been paid. The applicants can also start their online learning after making the payment.

  • Taking the BBP™ Certification Exam

    The Central Blockchain Council of America gives a period of 180 days from the day of the payment to the applicants to earn their BBP™ certification. This includes a set number of days to study, prepare and schedule the BBP™ certification exam.

  • Award

    If you qualify the BBP™ certification exam and meet other conditions laid down by the CBCA Professional Certifications Board (CPCB), you are recommended for the award of BBP™ Credential and the BBP™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of the credential-award.

The BBP™ Learning & Exam Coverage Overview

The BBP™ Resource Box is primarily intended as a career growth accelerator and contains specialized resources for skills and insights that credentialed professionals would need to move into senior positions as individual contributors or team managers.

This Resource Box contains reference, learning and exam preparation material aligned to the CBCA Unified Blockchain Knowledge Framework (UBKF).

Examination Coverage Information


  • Foundations of Blockchain and its Categories

  • Blockchain Advantages and Its Challenges

  • Structure and Essential Components

  • Decentralization vs Distributed Systems


  • Cryptography Essentials

  • Bitcoin, Keys and addresses, Transactions and Blocks

  • Bitcoin network and Wallets

  • Introduction to Altcoins,

  • Elements of Alternative currencies

  • Mining cryptocurrencies


  • Proof of Work – Concepts and Applications

  • Understanding Proof of Stake

  • Proof of Authority

  • Proof of Elapsed time

  • Blockchain and banks – Implementation Systems

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets and their Elements

  • Practical Blockchain Implementations

  • Major Digital Currencies - Ripple, Steller, Tendermint and Monax


  • The Hyperledger Fabric

  • Hyperledger- Essential Tools

  • Ethereum Platform –Structure and Components

  • The Ether Digital Asset

  • Exploring Solidity

  • Programming in Solidity – Frameworks and Syntax

  • Fundamentals of Smart Contracts and Advanced Applications

  • Limitations of Smart Contracts

  • Ethereum Applications Design and Development

  • Ethereum Accounts and Ether Tokens

  • Decentralized Applications

  • Mining Essentials


  • Initial coin offering – Key Concepts

  • Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency

  • Scalability and Decentralization

  • Blockchains – Business Implementations

Business Implementation Challenges

  • Blockchain Security Essentials - 51% attacks

  • Blockchain Security Essentials- Catastrophic Bugs

  • Concepts of Network Forks

  • Lack of interoperability

  • Low availability of blockchain skills

  • Privacy

  • Energy consumption

Shaping the Digital Future with Blockchain

  • Specializations

  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects

  • Technology Stabilization

  • Cross Chain Communication

  • Blockchain and AI


  • Use Cases: Supply-chain
    (Vendor Payment, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Regulatory Audit & Security)

  • Use Cases: Manufacturing
    (Raw Material Tracking, Invoice & Receipt Management, Production Tracking, Regulatory Audit & Security)

  • Use Cases: Healthcare Record Keeping
    (Health Record Management, Hospital Supply Tracking & Tracing, Faster Claim Settlement, Administrative & Regulatory Audit, Equipment tracking, Clinical Trials Record Keeping)

  • Use Cases: Music & Entertainment Industry
    (Proof-of-Existence, Digital Copyright, Proof-of-Ownership)

The BBP™ Credential Case

The BBP™ credential pack, a symbol of professional excellence and achievement in the emerging field of blockchain, is provided separately and complimentary to all awarded BBP™ certification holders. The package includes a personalized BBP™ certificate, a BBP™ designation pin, and the CBCA Code of Ethics Booklet.

BBP™ Credential Case

The BBP Digital Badge

All candidates who pass their BBP exam and complete other prescribed requirements, get a digital version of the BBP certification (BBP digital badge).

It is uploaded on the CredBadge portal and is verifiable online by anybody having a link. The BBP badge not only maximizes your profile visibility through social sharing, but it also adds distinction to your profile.

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